"I am the Arm" Painting by Ed Tajchman

     David Lynch is one of, if not my all time favorite artists. And one of my favorite works of his is the movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me". The more surreal aspects of the movie are what attracted me - the log lady, the mystical elongated man, the one-armed man, and especially the sequences at the end inside the black lodge. Lynch defines this vision with elements like the red curtain, the black and white floor, the music, the way the figures move unnaturally, lurching and phasing in and out. This is exactly the kind of fearless, psyche driven, haunting and boundary expanding sort of work that I live to take in.

     I was also blown away by Lynch's ability to weave abstract, dream-like symbolism into the film - like that the evil part of the one-armed man still resides in the black lodge in the visual form of a little person (appropriately enough), who dances slow and strangely; and talks like a backwards tape recorder. I still often think about that last aspect particularly, the strange way "the arm" talks in the dream sequences and at the end - it is creepy and strange in a way that a real nightmare would be. It's hard to capture the conscious sensation of an actual dream in an art form, but Lynch does it better than anyone - again and again.

"I am the Arm" painting by Ed Tajchman

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